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Yates & Jeavons

That Moon is Ours

Yates & Jeavons

So Into You

Yates & Jeavons

This page will feature songs by the songwriting team, Yates & Jeavons. Darcy Jeavons and I discovered each other's music on a music media website, and immediately developed a respect and love for one another's talent. We decided to write together - and that is when the magic started.......

I'm Here For You

Yates & Jeavons

Maybe I'm The One

Yates & Jeavons




Let It Snow  ( Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne )

Yates & Jeavons    ( Cover )

Little Angels With Wings

Yates & Jeavons

The AVR Theme Song

Written & Performed by Jason Mark Yates

Arranged by Yates & Jeavons

Produced by Darcy Jeavons


 Love like there's no tomorrow

 UKSC Semi finalist 2014  (Yates & Jeavons)


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