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 Award winning Singer/Songwriter  Jason Mark Yates was connected to music from his childhood, his mother suffered from Schizophrenia  and there was no natural bond between them. Music became his solace and his way of reaching people on an emotional level.  Amid the backdrop of a dark and lonely past  Jason forged the beginning of a prolific songwriting career.  As a result of his childhood experiences and other long term traumatic events Jason has developed CPTSD (Complex post traumatic stress disorder).

     Jason is actively involved with the psychological effects of Trauma and how to deal with the effects.


        Jason has been a Finalist 4 times now in the United Kingdom Songwriting Contest and has had many semi-Finalist placements.


One of Jason's proudest moments was being asked to write the theme tune for AVRadio in Indiana USA. His song is played in 183 countries daily!

        Jason has also co written with other musicians from the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

       He also writes and submits background music for a respected publisher in California USA





  What Kind of Music does Jason Write ?

      Jason is a Singer-Songwriter.    

          Here is a useful Link.





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