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 There are folks who write songs - and then there are songwriters whose lyrics and melodies grab something within you with their poetry and emotion. There are folks who sing songs - and then there are vocalists who move you with the tone and texture of their artistry. There are folks who play guitar - and then their are guitarists who provide just the perfect touch musically to their creations. Each talent alone is commendable - seldom do you get all three in the same package - - enter Jason Mark Yates, who, once you've heard his music - if you're not touched and inspired in someway - then grab a stethoscope and start checking, 'cause something inside of you is missing'! Take a listen to him, and then go grab his music ! If you're like me, his is the kind of music that I need to have - up close and personal!


Chet Fortune

Featured Review

Jason's Acoustic version of the classic song - Walk on by

©  Jason Mark Yates All rights reserved.

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